Meet The Designer


KALO - Taro plant, a sacred and primary food for the Hawaiian Culture.  It is considered by many to be the worlds most cultivated crop. Kalo holds a significance role in Hawaii, its people and the culture. 

Toledo Ohana


Mariah Toledo-Tavares is the Owner + Designer of Kalo Kini Swimwear.
The swim brand was founded in 2013 after Mariah became a mother to her first daughter, and quickly realized that she did not want to return to a regular 9-5 job and decided to stay home to be with her daughter and start Kalo Kini.
The inspiration behind the brand name stems from her families 5 generation Kalo (taro) farming heritage in Waipi'o Valley,
located on Hawai'i Island (aka the Big Island). 
As a child, Mariah was constantly surrounded by nature
and roamed Waipi'o Valley, always in a bikini.
With no previous experience in sewing/pattern making, and no background in the fashion industry she got to work determined to succeed.
She pitched the idea to her husband Job and he was instantly on board.
He bought her very first sewing machine, and they never looked back.
There were endless hours of youtube videos
(which were very limited back in 2013), and tons of trial and error.
Mariah creates swimwear that is inspired
by her childhood and the place she's from.

The brand carries a selection of functional, yet flattering pieces
that could make any woman feel the best in their own skin.
There is also a Custom option where individuals can customize they're swimsuit from top to bottom with specific measurements to fit their body.

In 2018 Kalo Kini Swimwear opened up their first brick and mortar shop
in Mariah's home town of Honoka'a, HI in the historic Fujino building.

Following the stores opening, the brand released their very own
Kane (mens) line - named Kalo Kane, meaning Kalo man (taro man).
This mens line was inspired by her now, late husband Job Keola.

This collection includes mens surf shorts and matching shirts,
embracing the island lifestyle from mountain to ocean.
Comfortable, unique and functional designs.

Since then, Mariah has moved her storefront in July 2023 from the Fujino building to another sweet spot in Honokaa town where you can find her custom swimsuits and her expansion of luxury Resort Wear and beach accessories
in all of Kalo Kini Swimwears exclusive designs. 



In loving Memory of Job Keola Tavares 
February 4, 1989 - February 17, 2021